My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection Part 8 (Video Transcript)

My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection Part 8


I thought I’d go through my DVD collection to show you what I have, and this is part 8, looking at some of the live comedy DVDs that I have. Feel free to comment if you share any of my tastes. 🙂

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Hi everybody. We’re now on to part 8 of my DVD collection, and we’re moving on to my live comedy DVDs now. So this is Adam Hills – Happyism Live. I love The Last Leg, it’s one of my favourite shows on the TV. They did a great job doing the Paralympics, and it’s great to see it on every week as well, covering all the latest topical issues. It’s very, very funny.

And then this is Al Murray, The Pub Landlord. He did have a chat show on TV as well that I’ve got a Best Of DVD of. But his stand-up is what he’s best known for, and what he is best at. And, yeah, they’re all very funny these DVDs. And he’s also got some recreations of some old Edinburgh Fringe shows he did as well on these, so they’re interesting to look at as well, a little bit of his history as it were, that he’s recreated.

And then Alan Davies – Life Is Pain. I know him from QI of course. This is the only DVD I’ve got of his, but he is very funny too.

And then Andy Parsons. I know him from Mock The Week, the topical panel show on the TV. Again, he’s very funny. He covers a lot of political things, that’s the kind of thing he likes to talk about a lot, but he does other more normal things as well too, so he’s not purely all about politics. So, yeah, he’s a very good comedian, very funny, very enjoyable to watch. And there’s a few DVDs of his that I’ve got here, a nice little collection all gathered together.

And then Bottom Live. There’s 5 stage shows of this show that I’ve got, and they are absolutely brilliant, absolutely hilarious. I love the TV show Bottom, I love Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson, and these live shows are absolutely brilliant, very well done. I never got to see them in person live, so it was great to get these shows on DVD. I think the earliest ones are the best ones, but again they’re all really funny, so it doesn’t really matter which one you watch, you’re guaranteed to get a laugh, if you’re not offended by adult humour of course. These are rated 18 with good reason. But, yeah, just very, very funny, lots of slapstick, lots of rude stuff and, yeah, just great fun. It’s a great shame that Rik Mayall has passed away, because he really was a genius, there’s no doubt about it. He was definitely a one-off, and he is greatly missed still.

And then inside this last DVD, I’ve also stuck the DVD of their film, Guest House Paradiso. Which isn’t great, but it’s alright, it’s good enough. Their live shows and the TV show are better though.

And then Brian Conley – Alive And Extra Dangerous. Again, the only DVD I’ve got of his, but this has got all his classic characters, like Larry The Lopher and Septic Peg and all the rest of it, that’s very funny.

And then Chris Addison Live. Again only one DVD of his. He’s been on Mock The Week and one or two other things. He even starred in Doctor Who not so long ago. So yeah, he’s very funny.

And then here we’ve got a few charity gigs featuring multiple comedians, and they’re very long shows. This is Comic Aid, which raised money for the Asian Tsunami Appeal. That was very good, very worthwhile.

And then Channel 4’s Comedy Gala. This has become an annual event, where they raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital, by getting lots of the nation’s top comedians together, to do little sequences, little sets. And it’s very, very good. They are very long shows, and they’re raising money for a wonderful, very important cause. So it’s great that Channel 4 are putting on this event year after year, I think it’s very worthwhile. And very, very funny as well. If you don’t like one particular comedian, chances are you’ll like the next one, so yeah, it’s very, very good.

And then one of my favourites, Dara Ó Briain, the host of Mock The Week. And he’s hosted various other shows, he’s had a computer game show on Dave recently, which has been good fun, and he had a maths show as well which he got celebrities involved with. So he’s very, very good at everything he does that I’ve seen him in. And yeah, his DVDs are very, very funny. And he often does commentaries on these. Not for the entire show, but he does a selective commentary on certain parts of the show with one of his celebrity friends, like Ed Byrne or Lee Mack or someone like that. So they’re always entertaining extras to look at. It’s like a commentary and a drinking game if you like, although there isn’t any real game involved, they’re just talking and drinking. But yeah, the shows are very, very funny, and he’s a very clever comedian, Dara. I do like him a lot.

And then Derren Brown, his live collection. There’s 3 in here – Something Wicked This Way Comes, An Evening Of Wonders, and Enigma. And then I’ve got a couple of other DVDs separately beyond this. His live shows are very, very good, and I would love to go and see them in person one day. Because it’s just really, really clever what he does. It’s just amazing, really. And he’s very, very clever. And it is, yeah, just a lot of fun to watch, and very, very funny too. He doesn’t just amaze you with illusions, he has a lot of great comedy in there as well. He never takes things too seriously.

And then Ed Byrne. Again off Mock The Week I know him, he appears on that sometimes, and he is a mate of Dara O’Briain’s. And yeah, he’s very funny too. Very funny comedian, very funny Irish comedian like Dara. So I’ve got a few DVDs of his. They soon add up when you start buying a DVD each year by a comedian, it’s amazing really how they soon collect.

And then The Fast Show Live. There’s 2 of these DVDs I’ve got to accompany the TV show. And they’re very cleverly done, considering the number of characters and costumes and sets they have to get through. They do a very good job with these. So, yeah, they’re very funny. There’s the Fast Show Farewell Tour, that’s the second one. So yeah, they’re very good shows. If you like the TV show, you’ll like the live shows as well.

And then Greg Davies, I’ve got a couple of stand-up DVDs of his. He’s very funny. He’s a bit like a kind of modern day Rik Mayall in a way, in terms of how he looks and how he performs. And indeed Rik Mayall was in his sitcom Man Down. They did work very, very well together. And yeah, he is a very funny comedian, Greg Davies, I do like him a lot.

And then Harry Hill, I’ve got a few DVDs of his. His shows are in his typical mad, slapstick, silly style, you know. They don’t make a lot of sense, it’s just complete nonsense. But that’s what makes him good, that’s what makes him unique. He is very funny and very clever, you know. Just because his shows seem completely stupid, he is very good at what he does, he’s very good, very funny.

And then Jack Dee. I’ve got quite a few DVDs of his that I’ve collected over the years, he’s released quite a few. And he’s very, very funny, I’ve always enjoyed his comedy. At the moment he hosts I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue on Radio 4, which comes out 2 or 3 times a year. He replaced Humphrey Lyttleton as the host of that, and he does a great job. It suits his style perfectly. But yeah, I do love his stand-up comedy. He’s always very good at doing very accurate observations and things that you can relate to from real life. So yeah, Jack Dee is very good. I think everyone in the UK knows him really from one place or another, he’s certainly very, very well known.

And then Jack Whitehall. Again I’ve got a couple of DVDs of his. Again, he’s very funny. I haven’t seen his sitcoms on the telly, they haven’t really necessarily appealed to me. But his stand-up I do like, he is very, very funny.

And then Jason Manford. Again I’ve got a few DVDs of his, he’s very, very funny. What I like about him is the way he engages with his fans on social media as well. He’s always posting on Facebook about his radio show and the stuff he’s doing for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, because he stars on the stage in the musical as well. He’s very, very versatile, and very, very funny. So yeah, I’m a big fan of his. And I’d love to see his Chitty Chitty Bang Bang performance, I think that would be great fun to see, because it’s obviously getting a lot of good reviews.

And then I’ve got Jim Davidson’s pantomimes and a fair number of his stand-up DVDs. Which I know might be controversial to some. I know some disabled people and people of different races have been offended by him, and that’s absolutely fine, there are reasons for that and they’re perfectly entitled to their opinions. To put my liking of him in some context, I grew up with him on Big Break and The Generation Game and things like that, when he was popular on the TV. And my friends and I all grew up from that liking his stand-up as well.

I’m not defending things he’s alleged to have done in the past, I’m not defending his political views or anything like that, because I don’t agree with everything he thinks. But I do find his comedy funny, I haven’t taken offence to anything that he’s said. It’s fine that some people have, and they’re entitled to that, as I say. But I have found him funny. I think his earlier DVDs that I’ve got here are better. I think some of the later ones are perhaps a bit too repetitive and perhaps get a little bit political in places, but generally I like him. I find him funny and he’s good entertainment, you know.

As I said with the films, you watch things like comedy as well for a bit of escapism, just to get away from the seriousness of the world and have a bit of a laugh. And that’s what he allows you to do. And nowhere more so than when does shows for the troops as well. I mean, let’s face it, they need a good laugh sometimes. And he does a lot of work for the troops and the army, people like that. So, yeah, I do find him funny overall.

And then Jimmy Carr, big fan of his. I love what he does on the TV, like 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown and The Big Fat Quiz and things like that. But his stand-up in particular is very good. He’s very clever, does great one-liners and great little stories, and he interacts well with the audience, and he’s just really, really funny.

And in particular I’m a fan because I got to see him live once, and he’s the only comedian I’ve got to see live so far. Which is a shame, but it was well worth it in this case. Not only was the performance great, but we got to meet him before the show as well. The theatre staff let me and the blind friend I was with in early, and a couple of other disabled people as well, and we got to chat to him and say hi, and have a picture with him. I haven’t got the picture, because the friend I was with was really a friend of a friend, so I didn’t keep contact with him afterwards to get the picture.

But Jimmy Carr did sign our programmes and posters afterwards as well, which I have got. Again, the theatre staff let us jump the queue for the signing, which was generous of them. He was really, really nice, so it was a really nice night out. So yeah, he’s one of my favourite comedians without a doubt.

So yeah, that’s it for part 8. There’s one more part to do for my live comedy, plenty of other comedians to get through. And then we’ll be on to music. So yeah, as always I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen so far, and I will see you in part 9 next time. Bye for now.

Author: Glen

Vsually impaired, with Aniridia & Nystagmus. I'm a fan of Doctor Who, classic sitcoms, Queen and 60s-80s rock & pop. I like to blog about my experiences as a disabled person, and about the things I enjoy in general.

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