My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection Part 7 (Video Transcript)

My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection Part 7


I thought I’d go through my DVD collection to show you what I have, and this is part 7, looking at the rest of the films I have. Feel free to comment if you share any of my tastes. 🙂

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Hi everybody. We’re now on to part 7 of my DVD collection, and specifically the second part of my film collection. And we’re starting off with Jaws. Another classic of course, everybody knows this film. Even if you’ve never seen it, you know the theme tune that comes from it. And this is a special edition release on Blu-ray, with a documentary and various other extras on it. And the film itself holds up well enough, you know, the picture’s good and the sound’s good, considering its age – it’s quite an old film now, really. So, yeah, it’s nice to have in the collection.

And then this is Kevin & Perry Go Large. This is a Harry Enfield film. Very crude, very rude, very dirty, and just good fun really, just good mindless fun for a couple of hours. I wish they’d release the series of Harry Enfield & Chums that he did, with his Kevin character and various other bits and pieces. But there’s some of those sketches in amongst the extras on this disc. So, yeah, it’s a good fun DVD to have in the collection.

And then King Kong, this is another great film. I got this on the strength of Lord Of The Rings, because this is also directed by Peter Jackson, who did those films. And this is a very good film, it’s very good effects-wise and it’s a good fun story. I’ve never seen the original film that this was based on, the old film. Bit before my time really, but there you go.

But this is the biggie, this is The Lord Of The Rings, the extended editions. So there are loads of discs in here, because you get two discs for every film, because they want to make them the maximum quality they can, and they didn’t want to skimp on that by trying to squeeze it all on to one Blu-ray disc. So, like the DVD releases originally, they’ve spread these across two discs.

And they also have tons of extras with them as well. As well as that nice Middle Earth map you’ve got when you open the box, you’ve also got multiple discs inside each Blu-ray case. As well as two discs for the film, you’ve got three discs of extras. You’ve got two discs of appendices, and then another disc with a documentary on as well. So they’ve really gone to town on this, to give you so much behind the scenes material, it’s just incredible. And it’s all very interesting, it’s all well worth digging through if you’re a fan of the films, and a fan of the books for that matter. Because let’s not forget the master who wrote these, J. R. R. Tolkien. They are so well written, and the world he created is so huge and so vast, that it really did lend itself well to film making. And they did a superb job with these films.

And then this is the prequel that they made afterwards, which sounds odd but there you go – The Hobbit. I don’t know if they needed to make this into three films particularly, but they work well enough. I think perhaps one or two films would have been plenty, but it was nice to have a trilogy all the same. And again, they look amazing, the films are brilliant, and again there’s tons of extras, they’ve continued with their habit of doing the appendices, so you get loads of behind the scenes insights again. it’s all very, very interesting. So, yeah, if you enjoyed the Lord Of The Rings films, pick these up as well, they’re just as good.

And then this is another trilogy of films, this is The Matrix Trilogy. Another classic set of films. The first film of the three was the best, but the other two are still good as well. Obviously the effects in this were very unique and special, or certainly felt like they were, for the time, with all the bullet-time effects and other things they did. And there’s plenty of extras on here about how the films were made. Not as extensive as Lord Of The Rings, but even so, they’re still pretty detailed.

And then we’re on to the Monty Python films, of course. And Now For Something Completely Different is really just a collection of sketches they remade from their TV show for film purposes. So a lot of what’s in here you already know. But it’s nice to have for completion.

And then Life Of Brian, this is a classic film. Controversial in some quarters I know, but I love it. Just really, really funny, really well made. And obviously great music as well, like Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life. And then Monty Python And The Holy Grail. This is a special edition release with lots of extra features on, lots of silly bits and pieces. I think there are special editions of The Life Of Brian out there as well, I’ll have to get one of those at some point, I keep meaning to. But this edition of The Holy Grail has got plenty of bits and pieces on it across two discs. And then The Meaning Of Life. Again, another special edition release with various extras on. I think Every Sperm Is Sacred is one of my favourite ever songs of theirs, along with Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life. And you’ve got The Galaxy Song in here as well, and various other things – it’s quite a musical film this one. It’s very, very funny, very, very good.

And then Bean – The Ultimate Disaster Movie. I love the Mr Bean TV series, and the films are very good as well. Rowan Atkinson is so, so good at doing this character. He’s just so good physically, I mean the expressions he makes on his face and what he can do with his body. You know, I mean look at that cover of Mr Bean’s Holiday there, it’s just really, really clever the way he plays the character, you know. Such a stupid character, but he really brings up to life and really makes him likeable as well. It’s really very well done.

And then this is The Mummy, the full uncut version, with plenty of extras on again. Good action film, lots of nice scenery and effects in this, and a good fun story. And then you’ve got the sequel there, The Mummy Returns, a good follow-up, again with plenty of extras on. They’re just good fun action films really, there’s not a lot you can say about them to be honest. Again it’s just all great escapism, like all of these films are really, that’s why you watch films isn’t it. So, yeah, it’s good to have in the collection. And then you’ve got the third film there, The Mummy – The Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor. Again, if you like the first two films, then this is a nice follow-up. You know, it’s much in the same vein, so you know what you’re getting with this. Not so many extra features, but then that doesn’t really matter, it’s just a good addition to the collection if you liked the first couple of films.

And then this is another classic series of films – The Naked Gun Collection. Three very brilliantly funny films, very well performed by Leslie Nielsen. I mean, I’ve got the Police Squad television series that I’ve mentioned earlier in these collection videos, that preceded this. But, I mean, these films really did show them at the top of their game, lots of very clever and very silly gags.

And then The Rock. This is a very fun film, starring Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage. Again, a great action film, with plenty of extra features on this one as well, with behind the scenes stuff and whatnot. So, yeah, another good film to have in the collection.

And then another collection of comedy films, this is the Scary Movie series of films. Again, the first one, being the original, is the best, because it felt original at the time, and there was nothing quite like it in the cinema at the time. And it’s very, very funny, lots of clever gags and everything else. But Scary Movie 2 and its other follow-ups are alright as well, they’re still good to have in the collection. Still good fun to watch when you want to have a bit of mindless comedy for a couple of hours, so well worth getting. And there’s some extra features on each one of course – again, nothing too substantial for these type of films but, you know, it’s always nice to have little behind the scenes bits and pieces.

And then The Scorpion King. This is starring The Rock, of wrestling fame. Another great action film, plenty of extra bits on here as well. And he’s a good actor, to give him his dues, he’s not bad. He’s good at all this action stuff, as you would expect from a wrestler really.

And then another classic – The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Love this film, great cast, great songs, great comedy. It’s just a brilliantly silly film. And I would love to see this live on stage one day, I know it would be a riot going to see that. So hopefully I can catch that one day in the theatre, it’d be brilliant.

And then The Simpsons Movie. It must have been quite a challenge to get a traditionally 20-minute show to work on the big screen, but I think they did a reasonable job with it, to be fair. I think it worked very, very nicely. It was very entertaining so, yeah, I’m glad they gave that a go.

And then another classic – Speed. Love this film. Classic action film. The sequel was rubbish, I haven’t bought the sequel. You can’t really do a tense film about fast-moving things on a slow-moving boat! But this first film is an absolute classic, a real joy to watch, absolutely love it.

And then St Trinian’s. These are the modern St Trinian’s films. I haven’t seen the older ones from days gone by, but these modern films are good fun, good comedy. You know, again, just very, very silly. But there’s some very catchy music in here as well, if you’ve read my music collection in my blog you’ll see  I’ve got the soundtracks from these as well. So, yeah, they’re just good fun films to have in the collection. Just mindless entertainment really.

And then the Star Wars collection, this is the complete saga, all six films as it was then. Obviously they’re doing more now, but this is the six film collection on Blu-ray. Loaded with loads of extra features, loads of bits and pieces. And yeah, they’re very good films. I mean obviously the originals are better than the prequels they did, but you know, they’re still good. And thin this is the newest film, The Force Awakens. I did have the original Blu-ray release of this, but they’ve just released a bigger special edition, with a 3D version and more extra features. Again, I’ll just watch the 2D version of this, rather than the 3D version, but it’s nice to have even more extra bits and pieces. It’s a bit mean of them really to release a second version just a few months after the original but, you know, I don’t mind buying it, it’s a little treat.

And then Terminator. Again, another classic film. Arnold Schwarzenegger is brilliant in this. Great action film. And then Terminator 2 as well on Blu-ray. Again, this is loaded with loads of extra. My only gripe with this is that it seems to take an age to load up, because they’ve packed so much into this that it’s quite a complicated Blu-ray disc it seems. But it’s still a very good film.

And then Toy Story. This is the box set of the first two films. There’s not many extras on the first two discs, but the third disc is basically loads of extras relating to those two films. And they’ve really, really made a good job with this, it’s really well thought out. And this is the map of those extra features on that third disc. It just shows you how much there is when they have to actually draw you a map of what’s on it! But there’s loads of extras on there, it’s really, really well put together. And then there’s some postcards in there as well, and they look like they’re signed by Buzz and Jessie and Woody. So, yeah, it’s a really, really nice set. Toy Story is such a great film, and the sequels are very good as well. And there’s Toy Story 3 that I’ve bought separately on Blu-ray. Again, very, very entertaining. I think there’s a Toy Story 4 on the way if I’m not very much mistaken so, yeah, I’m glad they’re continuing it really. It’s a really nice series of films, really good fun. And the music in that’s very good as well. So, yeah, really well put together.

And then finally Wallace & Gromit – The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit. A nice follow up to the TV series they did, it was great that they did a film on it. So, yeah, again very entertaining, very good fun.

So that’s it for my films. I’ve got more to come still. I’ve got some live comedy I’m gonna do next, I’ve got quite a few stand-up DVDs, and then there’ll be music, and then eventually that’ll be it. So, yeah, we’re getting there. I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far. Again, as always, if you like any of what I’ve pointed out, feel free to comment. And, yeah, I will see you soon for part 8. Bye for now.

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Vsually impaired, with Aniridia & Nystagmus. I'm a fan of Doctor Who, classic sitcoms, Queen and 60s-80s rock & pop. I like to blog about my experiences as a disabled person, and about the things I enjoy in general.

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