My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection Part 6 (Video Transcript)

My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection Part 6


I thought I’d go through my DVD collection to show you what I have, and this is part 6, looking at some of the films I have. Feel free to comment if you share any of my tastes. 🙂

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Hi everybody. We’re now on to part 6 of my DVD collection, and we’re moving on to films. So I’m starting off with An American Werewolf In London, and it’s sequel, An American Werewolf In Paris. Very good films, the first one is the best of the two, as is often the case where films are concerned. Sequels often aren’t as good as the original. Not always, but certainly in this case the first one is the best. And there’s plenty of extra features on here all about it. Not so much on the second film, but it’s still nice to have the pair, they’re both a very good pair of films.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they remade them one day, given all the advances in CGI, but I don’t see how you can really beat the original to be honest, they should leave these things alone. Because they are a very good pair of films, very enjoyable, very good fun.

And then Airplane!, and Airplane II: The Sequel. Very funny films, lots of very clever gags, and very silly gags as well, it’s just nonsense really. Again, the first film is the best of the two. The second one wasn’t quite as good, but it’s a decent enough follow-up. So it’s nice to have them both together.

And then Bula Quo! This is a film written by and starring Status Quo, which at the end of the day you buy for the music as much as anything else really, there isn’t a superb story to it. The scenery’s nice though, of course. But, no, it’s good fun, it’s just nothing amazing. It’s just nice to have in the collection when you’re a Quo fan.

But this is definitely a classic – Die Hard and Die Hard 2. Fantastic films, real classics, real good fun, great action sequences. And there’s loads of extra features on here, especially for the first film, which is deserves, because it is very, very good.

So there’s Die Hard With A Vengeance. Again, decent enough sequel, decent enough follow-up. Plenty of extras on here. And this film actually has audio description on it. The first two don’t, but this particular disc does, which is well worth noting. And there’s some other extra features on here as well, again they’ve been quite generous with this.

And then Die Hard 4: Ultimate Action Edition, this is a slightly extended cut of the film. Again, not as good as the first film, the first couple of films, but decent enough. Again, plenty of extras, a couple of discs in here. No audio description though, so they’re not very consistent on this, it has to be said. But then I don’t use audio description, but there are plenty of people out there who would be interested in it, so it’s a shame that not every single film has got it really. I haven’t got Die Hard 5, I think I have seen it once, and it’s not as good as the others. It didn’t get quite as good reviews.

And then you’ve got Harry Potter, and I’ve got all 8 films in this series, because it is a wonderful series of films, extremely well made, extremely well acted by all the cast. And these are the Ultimate Editions, so these aren’t just the basic releases that they did initially, which I had to start with. These have got all sorts of extra features on them, not just games and things for the kids, but lots of behind the scenes insights. And they’re very well put together, and I will open this one up to show you what’s in it.

So when you open it up, you’ve got some nice artwork from the films, some nice photos there to start with. Harry holding an owl, and you’ve got the chessboard game that they were playing. And then you pull the disc case out, and you’ve got a whole list of all the discs and the various special features there are in here. One of the highlights in each of these sets is an in-vision commentary, where someone from the film talks you through how it was made, and they jump out to show you various extra features, behind the scenes footage, all that kind of stuff. So it’s a really nice way of doing it, it feels a bit more interactive.

And you’ve got all the extras from the original DVD releases as well. And then you’ve got a documentary for each set, which basically builds up into a big 8-part film about how all the movies were made. And it’s very, very interesting. Every aspect of their creation is covered here, there’s nothing they leave out.

And then you open it up, and you’ve got a DVD and a Blu-Ray of the film. Which may seem a bit pointless to some, I’m certainly just happy with the Blu-Ray. But some people might like it. Perhaps some families have got a portable DVD player they like to take out and about with them, or they’ve got a DVD player in one room in the house and a Blu-Ray player in another, and it’s just nice to have both versions to be on the safe side. This first film also has an extended edition included. Not every film in the collection has this, but this first film has an extended edition. I don’t think it’s a lot longer but, you know, it’s nice to have a bit extra in any of these films, because they are all very good. Then you’ve got the special features disc, which was from the original release, and then you’ve got another disc containing the documentary I just told you about, and various other extras and things like that.

And then, in addition to those discs, you’ve got a couple of collectors cards in each set. Basically a picture of one or two of the characters, and telling you a bit about them on the back.  It’s just a little nice to have thing, not essential by any means, but some people will like to collect these things.

And then you’ve got a little book inside each set as well, which contains various photos from the series of films, many of which are behind the scenes photos. It’s usually in keeping with the theme of the documentary that’s included on each set, so this is about creating the general world of Harry Potter, getting the look and the feel right.

So, yeah, it’s a nice set, they’ve put plenty of effort into each one. And it’s nice to have the collection really. They take up a fair amount of space on the shelf, because there’s 8 of them, but they’re all worth it. As I say, they’re classic films, very much loved by millions of people, myself included. So it’s nice to have them all.

And then The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. Not as good as the original TV show perhaps, but still good fun, Martin Freeman’s very good in this. And this is another film in my collection that’s got audio description, as well as all the other special features, so it’s very nice of them to have included that.

And then Hot Shots! and Hot Shots! Part Deux. Again, like Airplane, these are a couple of very funny spoof films. Both of these are very good, it’s hard to pick a favourite out of these two. I think Hot Shots! Part Deux was a particular favourite when I was younger. So they’re both very good spoof films. If you like comedy films, you have to have these in the collection really.

And then Independence Day. This is the DVD release that I’ve had for years. I haven’t upgraded to the Blu-Ray, though I am tempted to. And it has never before seen extended footage as well, which is good, as well as various extra features. I haven’t seen the second film that they’ve released recently, I’m not entirely struck on whether I want to see that or not, though I will probably check it out at some point.

And then here we have a nice, big, shiny, silver briefcase, which is the box set of the first twenty 007 James Bond films, which are classic films, don’t need to say anything about them really. It’s a real classic set of films, and it’s great to have a nice set like this. All the discs are very nicely packaged, and they’ve all got great special features on, because they’re all special editions, so they’ve all got 2 discs in, with documentaries and all the various bits and pieces. So, yeah, it’s a very nice set to have.

I’ve got the other films beyond this separately, I’ve been continuing to buy them. I think the earlier films are probably the best ones, but certainly the modern films  have been very good. Certainly the special effects have been very good. The songs for the latest films haven’t been very good, I think the real classics are in this box of 20 to be perfectly honest. I haven’t been that impressed with the title songs for the most recent films. But the films themselves are good, they’re always a good way to kill a couple of hours, watching James Bond kill people and generally save the day as usual. It’ll be interesting to see who follows in Daniel Craig’s footsteps, when he eventually chucks it in.

And in this box set you also get some cards, like postcard-size images of the film posters for a number of the films, so that’s nice as well to have as a little extra, just slotted into the lid.

So, yeah, I’ll leave it there for this part, I think that’s a good place to finish. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the films that I’ve got so far. If you like any of them, feel free to comment as always. I should be able to get through the remainder of my films in one more part, I’ll try and squeeze them all into one. And there’s still other stuff to go on to after that, so still plenty to cover, but we’re getting there. So, as I say, yeah, I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far, and I will see you for part 7 next time. Bye for now.


Author: Glen

Vsually impaired, with Aniridia & Nystagmus. I'm a fan of Doctor Who, classic sitcoms, Queen and 60s-80s rock & pop. I like to blog about my experiences as a disabled person, and about the things I enjoy in general.

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