My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection Part 5 (Video Transcript)

My DVD & Blu-Ray Collection Part 5


I thought I’d go through my DVD collection to show you what I have, and this is part 5, looking at the final batch of my favourite TV shows. Feel free to comment if you share any of my tastes. 🙂

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Hi everybody. We’re now on to part 5 of my DVD collection, and in this part I’ll be finishing off the TV shows that I’ve got in my collection, and then I’ve got other things to go on to like films and music. So we’re not done yet.

But for this part I’m starting with Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, another classic, very funny sitcom. Lots of slapstick in here, lots of great stunts. Michael Crawford is just brilliant in this, very, very funny. And his long-suffering wife Betty of course too. It’s just very, very funny.

And then The Thin Blue Line, very, very funny, set in a police station. And, yeah, if you’ve never seen it, but you like Rowan Atkinson, it’s worth checking out. It’s very different to Mr Bean and things like that that he’s done, so it’s definitely worth looking at.

And then The Two Ronnies. I’ve got two Best Of DVDs with their best sketches, like Fork Handles and the Mastermind sketch and things like that. And then I’ve also got the complete series as well, of which there’s quite a lot. So I’ve got all the complete episodes, and there’s so many funny moments in this. You’ve got, you know, all the news stories they start and end the show with, you’ve got all the serials like The Phantom Raspberry Blower, you’ve go all the musical numbers they do at the end of the shows, and things like that. It’s just very, very funny throughout, and so well written. The musical guests they have in the middle of the shows I’ve never been that bothered about. Occasionally you get the odd good one, but I’m not often interested in those. But apart from that, it’s just a very funny show, lots of great sketches, lots of great characters and things like that.

And then this is a documentary about The Underground. I love London, and I love travelling on the London Underground. I think it’s a great service, it’s so nice and easy to use, especially these days. So the documentary’s really interesting, it’s fascinating to see behind the scenes.

And then here I’ve got East London And District Driver’s Eye View DVD. Which may seem a bit sad, but it’s a line I’m very familiar with, because my relatives live on that line, and I’ll hopefully be living near a station on that line myself very soon when I move to London. But it is actually more interesting than you think, it’s very well worth looking at if you’re a Londoner and you live on a particular line.

And then The Vicar Of Dibley, another classic sitcom. I mean, you don’t need to say much about this either if you know the show. It’s very, very funny, the characters are brilliant, and it was great to see Geraldine Grainger get a really nice happy ending at the end of the final episode they did, which is here as well, which I’ve got.

And then Wallace & Gromit. Again, you don’t get many of these, because they take a while to make being, you know, claymation, whatever you want to call it. But they are very good episodes, they’re great fun, you know, they were always a hit at Christmas. And yeah, they still hold up well today, they’re very, very well made. It’s very well animated, considering the amount of time and effort it must take to put these together. So you’ve got A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, and A Close Shave, and then A Matter Of Loaf And Death. You know, all great titles as well as the animation itself. They’re just good fun shows.

And then the complete first and second series of Whose Line Is It Anyway? And this is the British version with Clive Anderson hosting. I never really got into the American version, I said this in a previous video. When I was talking about my walk through Times Square I mentioned this. But, yeah, it’s a very funny show. You’ve got Paul Merton and other people in it, and it’s just very funny improvised comedy.

And then Would I Lie To You? I’ve got some of the series of this that they’ve released on DVD. It’s not the Angus Deayton years, from the earlier years, this is the Rob Brydon years onwards. Not every series, they’ve only released a few of them, but it’s nice to have a few of them, because they are very, very funny. And they’re still making new episodes today, it i’s a great show. Simple concept, works very well.

And then Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister. Another classic, and you think very true to life no doubt. A lot of what you see here probably does go on behind the scenes in politics, it seems very plausible. And again, it’s just extremely well written and acted this who, it’s very, very good. Definitely well worth watching. You don’t have to have an interest in politics, it’s just, yeah, very good. It gives you a wonderful insight into how things probably do work sometimes.

So there’s Yes, Prime Minister, a couple of series of that. This one has a double-sided disc inside it as well, which is one of those madly frustrating things that I mentioned from the Fools And Horses box set I’ve got, because you can never tell which side of the disc is which. But, you know, you live with it, it’s not the end of the world. It’s just a bit frustrating.

And then The Young Ones. Another classic, I mean, this was just a brilliant sitcom. So surreal, and so well made and, yeah, a real classic of its time. And they had great musical guests on here, including Madness and Motorhead and so many others. And storylines were just completely crazy, and so were all the characters, but it really worked, it was really a proper classic of its time. And there’s some good extras on here as well, there’s some interesting insights into how the show was made.

And then on a completely different note, you’ve got You Rang M’Lord? Very, very different to The Young Ones. This is from the people who made Oh Doctor Beeching! So it was much more gentle humour-wise, but it was, again, very, very well written. And quite long episodes as well in that, I think they were about 50 minutes the You Rang M’Lord? episodes. So they were quite long for a comedy, but it worked very well.

So that’s it for part 5, I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about all the TV shows I’ve got so far. Next I’m gonna be moving on to things like films and live comedy and music that I’ve got as well. So there’s still quite a way to go, but we’ve done a big chunk of it now. So if there’s anything that you’ve enjoyed, that you share my tastes in that I’ve posted, then feel free to comment and let me know what you like. But I will see you in part 6 when I’ll be looking at films next, I think. So, yeah, I will see you then. Bye for now.

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Vsually impaired, with Aniridia & Nystagmus. I'm a fan of Doctor Who, classic sitcoms, Queen and 60s-80s rock & pop. I like to blog about my experiences as a disabled person, and about the things I enjoy in general.

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