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I’m going through my music collection to list many of the artists and tracks I like, so you can see the variety of things I enjoy, and now I’m up to the letter K. As before, I’m adding the tracks I mention to my Youtube playlist of favourite music, which you can shuffle to your heart’s content. There’s now over 1,500 tracks on it! 🙂

My favourite artists beginning with K are Kerry Ellis and The Kinks:

  • Kerry Ellis – She’s come to my attention through her collaborations with Brian May. It’s a brilliant partnership, with her amazing voice and his legendary guitar playing. So I have her solo Kerry Ellis album, and her Anthems album she did with Brian May (I’m looking forward to the follow-up – Anthems 2 – apparently due soon). Plus I have the album and DVD of Acoustic By Candlelight, a live show she and Brian did together. Favourite songs from her include:
    • Dangerland
    • Anthem
    • Defying Gravity
    • I’m Not That Girl
    • Save Me
    • No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)
    • I Loved A Butterfly (Some Things That Glitter)
    • Born Free
    • The Kissing Me Song
    • One Voice
  • The Kinks – I only have a Greatest Hits, but it has a lot of great tracks, including:
    • You Really Got Me
    • All Day And All Of The Night
    • Tired Of Waiting For You
    • Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
    • Sunny Afternoon
    • Waterloo Sunset
    • Days
    • Lola
    • Come Dancing
    • Mr Pleasant

Blu-Ray cover for Kerry Ellis & Brian May's Candlelight Concert, showing Kerry singing and Brian on guitar, with candles behind them. Set includes Montreux Concert Blu-Ray and Acoustic By Candlelight CD.

Screengrab of albums in my iTunes collection by Kerry Ellis ((Acoustic By Candelight, Anthems and Kerry Ellis) and The Kinks (BBC In Concert and The Ultimate Collection)

Other songs I like from my collection are:

  • Kajagoogoo – Big Apple, Hang On Now and Too Shy
  • The Kane Gang – Closest Thing To Heaven
  • Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill
  • Katrina & The Waves – Sun Street and Walking On Sunshine
  • KC & The Sunshine Band – Get Down Tonight, Give It Up and That’s The Way I Like It. Many people only seem to know the 3-minute version of That’s The Way I Like It, but the album version actually carries on for a further 2 minutes. I discovered that by chance when I got the long version on one of the many 70s compilations I own. And it’s cool, because a funky song like that doesn’t deserve to be short.
  • Keith West – Excerpt From A Teenage Opera
  • Kelly Marie – Feels Like I’m In Love
  • Ken Boothe – Everything I Own
  • Ken Dodd – Happiness
  • Kenny – The Bump and Julie-Anne
  • Kenny Everett – Snot Rap and Snot Rap Part 2. I only discovered there was a follow-up song after searching Youtube for this post! Fun stuff by a very funny and clever man, who passed away far too young.
  • Kenny Loggins – Footloose, Danger Zone and Playing With The Boys. The latter two songs were used in Top Gun.
  • Kenny Lynch – Up On The Roof
  • Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy
  • Killing Joke – Love Like Blood
  • Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes
  • Kim Wilde – Kids In America, Chequered Love, Love Blonde, View From A Bridge, Water On Glass
  • King – Love And Pride
  • The King Brothers – 76 Trombones
  • King Harvest – Dancing In The Moonlight, which was covered by Toploader.
  • The Kingsmen – Louie Louie. The story behind the writing and recording of this song, including the investigation by the FBI and the chaotic recording session, is quite interesting.
  • Kirsty MacColl – A New England
  • The Knack – My Sharona and Good Girls Don’t. If you only know the 4-minute single edit of My Sharona, you’re missing out on an extra minute of the wonderful guitar solo near the end.
  • Kool & The Gang – Celebration (the original song, plus a later version featuring Lulu and a gospel choir), Get Down On It and Summer Madness
  • The Korgis – Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime
  • Kula Shaker – Hey Dude
  • Kursaal Flyers – Little Does She Know
  • Kurtis Blow – The Breaks
  • Kylie Minogue – I Should Be So Lucky, The Loco-Motion, Better The Devil You Know, Can’t Beat The Feeling and Aphrodite

As for theme music and songs, I also enjoy the following from my collection, which are on my theme music playlist:

  • Kasabian – Fast Fuse, used as the theme tune to the brillaint comedy show Russell Howard’s Good News.
  • k.d. lang – Surrender, used as the end credits theme for the Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. It was apparently going to be the opening theme until Sheryl Crow’s song was chosen instead.
  • Keith & Matthew Strachan – Is That Your Final Answer? This was the theme (as if you couldn’t guess) for the gameshow Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? It was some time after the show had finished its final series before I discovered there was a full tune, including the Chris Tarrant Mix and a 5-minute Club Mix. It’s very catchy.
  • Keith Mansfield – Composer of many great TV sport theme tunes, including those used for Grandstand, Wimbledon (called Light And Tuneful) and Athletics (entitled World Series), all of which were on the BBC. Plus he created the classic theme for ITV’s The Big Match, called Young Scene.
  • Ken Freeman – The theme tune to medical drama Casualty.
  • Ken Woodman – Town Talk, used for Jimmy Young’s radio show on BBC Radio 2.

To finish this post, I’ll share Kerry Ellis and Brian May’s video for their cover of Amazing Grace, a song they released a few days ago in support of the dwindling hedgehog population.

If you can’t see the video below, the first minute and 20 seconds has no music, because it’s showing a real hedgehog called Grace, looking around from amongst a bunch of leaves with the sun shining down over her. And every so often there are captions that read: “This is Grace the Hedgehog. She’s Amazing. Hedgehogs have been living on planet Earth for 15 million years, much longer than humans. But in the last 40 years, Britain’s population of hedgehogs has declined from 35 million to less than a million. And in the next decade hedgehogs may appear completely from the UK.” The song then plays over more footage of hedgehogs roaming their natural environments. The final captions read: “Take the #AmazingGrace challenge to save our hedgehogs.“.

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