Music Collection – A

I love listening to music, I always enjoy having it on in the background. Most of what I like best is classic rock and pop from the 1950s to the 1980s (especially the 70s and 80s) and some early 90s, and soundtracks to TV shows or films I particularly like, but there are other bits and pieces I enjoy as well. So in the interests of adding a bit of variety to my blog, I thought I’d work through my extensive iTunes collection by artist, picking out tracks I particularly like.

I won’t pick out every song I like by every artist I mention, as that would go on forever. But it will still be a big selection, so you can see the variety of tracks I have, and hopefully you’ll like some of them too. Suffice to say, this will get rather random sometimes. 🙂

I’ve also started creating a Youtube playlist of my favourite music, featuring all the tracks I mention in these posts. Naturally some will get deleted by Youtube or the original uploaders for one reason or another, so I won’t link to the tracks individually in my posts. But by putting together a big playlist, any omissions shouldn’t be too noticeable. I suggest you go to Youtube to see and play the full list, if the player embedded below is limited to just 200. I also recommend you listen to the list in Shuffle mode, so you can be surprised by whatever comes next. 🙂

So for this post i’ll start, logically, by listing artists and composers beginning with A.

My favourite artists beginning with A are ABBA, AC/DC and Aerosmith:

  • ABBA – I have the box set of their albums that I downloaded from iTunes. I love so many of their tracks, including:
    • Waterloo
    • Mamma Mia
    • Dancing Queen
    • Take A Chance On Me
    • The Winner Takes It All
    • SOS
    • Knowing Me, Knowing You
    • Money, Money, Money
    • Thank You For The Music
    • Does Your Mother Know?
    • Ring Ring
    • I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
    • The Name Of The Game
    • I Have A Dream
    • Angeleyes
    • Super Trouper
    • Lay All Your Love On Me
    • Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
    • Summer Night City
    • Voulez Vous
  • AC/DC – I have all their albums, plus some of their DVDs and Blu-Rays. 10 of my favourite tracks by them are:
    • TNT
    • Let There Be Rock
    • Highway To Hell
    • Back In Black
    • Thunderstruck
    • It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll)
    • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
    • Whole Lotta Rosie
    • For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
    • The Jack
  • Aerosmith – This is a great band as well. Favourite tracks by them include:
    • Dream On
    • Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
    • Love In An Elevator
    • I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
    • Walk This Way (I also like the version they did with Run DMC)
    • Same Old Song And Dance
    • Big Ten Inch Record
    • Sweet Emotion
    • Helter Skelter and Come Together, two great Beatles covers.
    • Eyesight To The Blind, not because of my sight, it’s just a great song.

Music Box Sets by AC/DC - Backtracks and Bonfire

My AC/DC DVDs and Blu-Rays - Family Jewels, Plug Me In, Stiff Upper Lip Live, Let There Be Rock, No Bull Director's Cut, Live At River Plate, Live At Donington

I also have quite a few studio and live albums by these artists as well:

  • A-Ha – Favourite tracks include
    • Take On Me
    • The Living Daylights
    • The Sun Always Shines On TV
    • Cry Wolf
  • ABC – Favourite tracks include:
    • The Look Of Love
    • Poison Arrow
    • King Without A Crown
    • When Smokey Sings
  • Ace of Base – Favourite tracks include:
    • All That She Wants
    • The Sign
    • Life Is A Flower
    • Cruel Summer
    • Don’t Turn Around
    • Beautiful Life
    • Hallo Hallo
  • Average White Band – Favourite tracks include:
    • Pick Up The Pieces
    • Cut The Cake
    • Let’s Go Round Again
  • Aztec Camera – Favourite tracks include:
    • Somewhere In My Heart
    • Walk Out To Winter

Screengrab of albums in my iTunes collection by artists beginning with A. including A-Ha, ABC, ABBA and AC/DC.

Other songs I like from my collection are:

  • Ace – How Long
  • Acker Bilk – Stranger On The Shore. I have some of his other stuff that we inherited on vinyl and, though I’m not really into him, this is a nice track.
  • Adam & The Ants / Adam Ant – Not a big fan, but I have a few tracks from compilations in my collection, m favourites being Stand And Deliver and Goody Two Shoes. I also have  Kings Of The Wild Frontier, Prince Charming and Vive Le Rock.
  • Adam Faith – Not a big fan, but I have some of his tracks from 60s CDs and an inherited vinyl record. As You Like It and What Do You Want are good tracks.
  • Adamski – Killer.
  • Air Supply – All Out Of Love and Making Love Out Of Nothing At All.
  • Al Green – L-O-V-E, Let’s Stay Together and Tired Of Being Alone.
  • Al Jarreau – His cover version of Lean On Me is nice. The original and best version is by Bill Withers.
  • Al Monroe – Not sure how I stumbled across it, but I like his cover of Stairway To Heaven – particularly the instrumental version. His vocals don’t do it justice, yet there’s something about the musical arrangement I like. Nothing could ever beat the original Led Zeppelin version though.
  • Al Stewart – Year Of The Cat.
  • Al Wilson – Show And Tell.
  • Alan Gorrie – He was the lead singer of Average White Band, and I have his solo album Sleepless Nights. Not amazing but not bad either. i like the title track and Diary Of A Fool.
  • Alan O’Day – Undercover Angel.
  • Alice Cooper – Poison, Elected and School’s Out.
  • Alicia Bridges – I Love The Nightlife.
  • Alien Ant Farm – Their cover of Smooth Criminal, originally by Michael Jackson.
  • Alison Moyet – All Cried Out.
  • All Saints – Pure Shores. There’s something about the instrumental version of this that I particularly like, somehow it’s a nice track to chill out to.
  • Allan Sherman – Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh, a funny novelty song. That’s fairly well known, unlike the sequel he did – Return To Camp Grenada – which I had no idea existed for ages.
  • Allman Brothers Band – I have the Universal Masters Collection and the live album 2nd Set, favourite tracks being Ramblin’ Man and Jessica (used as the theme tune for the BBC’s Top Gear).
  • Alphaville – Forever Young.
  • Altered Images – I Could Be Happy.
  • Althea & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking.
  • Amazulu – Don’t You Just Know It, Montego Bay and their cover of Mony Mony (originally by Tommy James & The Shondells).
  • Amen Corner – Bend Me, Shape Me and (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice.
  • America – Horse With No Name and Sister Golden Hair.
  • Amii Stewart – Knock On Wood and her cover of Light My Fire (originally by The Doors).
  • Andrew Gold – Lonely Boy and Never Let Her Slip Away.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber – I have a couple of albums of songs from his musicals, one by Michael Crawford (e.g. Love Changes Everything) and another by various artists (e.g. Jason Donovan performing Any Dream Will Do).
  • Andy Williams – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You and Music To Watch Girls By. I inherited his Solitaire album on vinyl as well, though I don’t listen to it.
  • Aneka – Japanese Boy.
  • The Animals – I have a Greatest Hits compilation, including House Of The Rising Sun, We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place and Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.
  • Animotion – Obsession.
  • Anita Ward – Ring My Bell.
  • Annie Lennox – Little Bird.
  • April Wine – I have a couple of their albums (Harder… Faster and Nature Of The Beast), with tracks such as I Like To Rock and Just Between You And Me.
  • Arcadia – Election Day and The Promise.
  • The Archies – I have a Greatest Hits compilation, the stand-out track being Sugar Sugar of course.
  • Aretha Franklin – I have a Greatest Hits compilation, with favourite tracks including Freeway Of Love, I Say A Little Prayer and Respect.
  • Argent – I have a few studio albums and one live album, my favourite tracks probably being their most well known – God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll To You and Hold Your Head Up.
  • Arrow – Hot Hot Hot.
  • The Arrows – I have a few albums of theirs, favourite tracks being A Touch Too Much and I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll.
  • The Art Of Noise – Moments In Love and their cover of Peter Gunn (originally by Henry Mancini).
  • Arthur Conley – I have a few albums of his, but Sweet Soul Music is the song I know and like best of his.
  • Ashford & Simpson – Solid.
  • Astrud Gilberto – The Girl From Ipanema.
  • Aswad – I have the Cool Summer Reggae album, with tracks like Shine and Don’t Turn Around.
  • Attic Lights – I got their album Friday Night Lights because of their cover of the Minder theme (see below), and it’s a good set of tracks, including songs like Bring You Down and Wendy.
  • Atomic Rooster – The Devil’s Answer.
  • Autograph – Turn Up The Radio.

I’m also compiling a separate theme music playlist as I go along, containing my favourite music from TV shows, radio, films and games. So for A I have the following:

  • Adele – Not a fan of her music generally, but I do have the theme to the James Bond film Skyfall. And it’s ok, better than some Bond themes, but I still prefer the older classics. The films are still good entertainment, but the title songs don’t feel as exciting or as memorable as they used to be.
  • Al Bowlly – Goodnight Sweetheart, used as the theme song to the swonderful sitcom of the same name, but it’s a nice song in its own right.
  • Alan Hawkshaw – Legendary theme tune composer, including Best Endeavours (Channel 4 News), Chicken Man (Grange Hill). Countdown (there’s a fun remix of that theme here) and The New Statesman (a brilliant comedy show starring the late, great Rik Mayall). There’s also a fun video of Alan playing Keith Mansfield’s Grandstand theme.
  • Alan Lisk – I love his theme for the sitcom Men Behaving Badly.
  • Alexander Courage – Composer of the Star Trek theme. I don’t watch the show, but it’s a good piece of music. When I attended my friend’s wedding last year, he and his new wife walked out of the church to the theme from The Next Generation. Worked very well, especially halfway through when it gets particularly majestic.
  • Alexandre Desplat – I have the soundtracks for all of the Harry Potter films, and he was the composer for The Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2. Tracks like Broomsticks and Fire and Courtyard Apocalypse are very dramatic, and A New Beginning is a lovely emotional track to round off the whole series.
  • Andy Pask & Charlie Morgan – Composed Overkill, the theme tune to The Bill. I love the full, original version of this, with that wonderful ‘twiddly’ middle section, for want of a better description. There’s probably a technical musical name for it, but if you know the show, you’ll know the bit I mean! The various rearrangements that took place in the 1990s onwards got steadily worse – it really didn’t need changing.
  • Area Code 615 – Stone Fox Chase, used as the theme tune to The Old Grey Whistle Test.
  • Armin van Buuren – His remix of the 24 theme tune is pretty cool. Not as good as the original track by Sean Callery of course, but still fun. I love the show itself too.
  • Arnold Steck – Composed Sporting Occasion, the closing theme to the Wimbledon Championships on TV.
  • The Art Of Noise – They did the theme to a fun game show called The Krypton Factor.
  • Attic Lights – I Could Be So Good For You. The revival of Minder by Channel 5 was nowhere near as good as the original – it couldn’t be. But I do like this band’s cover of Dennis Waterman’s theme tune, which was used for the revival.

And that’s it for A. It’s a long list, but I wanted to be thorough rather than narrowing it down and missing things. Hopefully there are things in there you like as well, maybe even tracks you’d forgotten about or didn’t know at all. Plenty to listen to anyway! 🙂

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Love London, love a laugh, love life. Visually impaired blogger & Youtuber with aniridia & nystagmus, posting about my experiences & adventures.

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